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Bahal Lab

Dr. Bahal’s research lab integrates chemical biology of nucleic acid analogues and new polymeric delivery strategies to target genetic diseases and various kinds of cancer. His group’s major research interests include (1) selective targeting of microRNA and mRNA using antisense based scaffolds delivered via nanotechnology, (2) exploring the design and engineering of genome targeted nucleic acid analogues towards next-generation human therapeutics, and (3) selective targeting of tumor cells in tumor microenvironment using novel peptide and peptidomimetics based modules.

Contact Information

Raman Bahal, Principal Investigator

E-mail: raman.bahal@uconn.edu
Office phone: (860) 486-3253
Lab phone: PBB 416 - (860) 486-3451
PBB 619 - (860) 486-1892, PBB 623 - (860) 486-2261

Office Location: PBB 433
Lab Location: PBB 416, 619 & 623

University of Connecticut
69 N Eagleville Rd
Unit 3092
Storrs, CT 06269
Pharmacy & Biology Building